Anna Karlin

Anna Karlin is one of those people you should probably hate - she's insanely talented, young, British, lives in NY, and is a total babe. But life is too short to hate, and I totally admire anybody who is doing what they love and and who is also doing it so well.

If you are wondering to yourself, who is this magical creature? Well you are in luck. Here are some examples of what Anna Karlin does so very incredibly exceptionally well.

Drooling over this lamp.

OMG she makes rugs too. And 100% wool.

Oh right, chairs too.

And the most super fun, 80s inspired stools. I will take all four. Please.

She also makes hand blown glass and works in brass. This decanter is beautiful.

In all seriousness, what kind of school do you go to in order to become so well versed in a million design mediums? Even her website is killing it. It's so good. I would not be surprised if she made it too.

From the looks of it, you can currently purchase her products direct (from her NY based shop - open appointment only) or you can order straight from her website as well. You can even get in touch with her to do custom pieces if you so fancy. And if you can afford it, I would really consider getting one of her pieces now, because with the amount of buzz she's already getting, I can only imagine she's going to blow up in a very big way.