Egg Collective

Egg Collective is a New York based design company that creates truly beautiful and exquisite furniture and lighting products. They use only the finest of natural materials (such as domestic hardwoods and stone) and allow all of their unsealed metal finishes to, over time, develop a patina.

The Russel Dining Table is brilliantly simple and available in walnut, natural oak, blackened white oak, and bleached maple (seen above). Coming in at 120" in length, it can seat 10 very comfortably, but custom sizing is available upon request.

One of my other favorites is the Fern table. This would be the perfect piece to put in a long entry beside the stairs, or perhaps in a living room that needed extra display space. Just like the Russel Dining Table, it is also available in different wood finishes. While the blackened white oak is a stunner (seen on their website), I can't get enough of light wood these days.

Another standout is the Margot George Chandelier, featuring hand blown glass and satin brass. I love the smokey look of the glass, adding another layer of sexiness and glamour.

I also enjoy how their side tables can look completely different when viewed at different angles. The three ladies behind Egg Collective certainly know how to keep things fresh and unexpected.

If you are interested in one of their pieces, feel free to contact the company directly or go to their online shop for more info. They can help you organize shipping and delivery, or if you are a New York native, they are open throughout the week and can be found at 304 Hudson Street.