Cedar & Moss

Cedar & Moss is a stylish and wildly affordable lighting company from Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 2013, when former lighting designer and VP of Schoolhouse Electric, Michelle Steinback, couldn't find the perfect European cool but mid century inspired lighting for her own place. Wanting to blend familiar shapes with a fresh perspective and utilize great materials from the US, she's become one of those legends who's gone off to build a successful company out of her own basement. 

Her pieces are classic, refined and definitely on trend - I can see her designs working equally well in the pages of House & Home and Dwell. The tilt cone is probably my fave, with it's modern black and brass finish and a warm glow that cascades out of the adjustable shade. And the Alto Scone below is a total staple - it's so incredibly versatile and works just about anywhere.

Most fixtures on the site range from $75 to $300 and orders can be placed online to both Canada and the States. And if you are seeking a larger chandelier or statement making piece, Cedar & Moss has also recently expended their higher end offerings with Rejuvenation. Be sure to check those out as well!