Emily Green

Emily Green is a Melbourne based artist who makes the most awesome necklaces I could ever have imagined.  I am basically obsessed with her designs. I don't know how she finds the perfect pairings, it's as if the 80s and 90s fell in love, and somehow they ended up making really awesome beaded necklaces in super cool punchy color combinations. It's soooooo incredibly hard to choose just one. Just try. You will spend an hour flipping back and forth finding THE ONE.

I love the clay and brass combinations, and I'm also a sucker for her marble and fruit gelato inspired ones.

Not only does Emily make necklaces, earrings and prints, she also makes contemporary stacked pendant lights developed in collaboration with Melbourne designer Dale Hardiman. I love how simple and stylish these designs are. They come in different shades to suit any interior, and I can pretty much see them working in any setting - over an island, in the bathroom, above the bedside table, you name it, it works. Unfortunately, I don't know anybody who carries this in Canada, which is a real shame. You can try contacting Leif, one of my favorite online shops in the US, who carries her necklace line.