When No. means Yes.

I'm pretty sure ceramic collections are becoming the new jewelry for the well traveled and curated home. They are prized possessions, often costing five times or more than what you would normally pay for a bowl or cup at Homesense. Yes the prices may seem a little extreme, but I can't stop admiring and coveting ceramic shapes, and it's so lovely to support hard working artists who are making beautiful things by hand. And a little treat here and there never hurt anyone, unless we are talking about me reaching for another bowl of hazelnut gelato.

There are quite a few small ceramic studios that I follow on Pinterest and Instagram, but one of my top picks is No., which is located in Long Island and run by Romy Northover.

Trained in European ceramics at the University of London, she has traveled the globe from Hong Kong to Berlin, soaking in many different cultures along the way and undoubtedly inspiring some of her work. She currently uses the Japanese techniques of Kinuneri, Tebineri and Rokuro - none of which I know anything about - but god are they beautiful. The 22 Karat Climax cups above are ridiculous - and I mean that in a good way. Each cup is handmade (and hand painted with 22 Karat Gold) and retails for $62.

I'm also loving the Mountain Bolt collection, with it's geometric lines and speckled finish. These vases would look gorgeous grouped together just about anywhere in a home. And then there are the Moon Tide and Freedom collections, one light and creamy and the other bold with fantastic swirls and plenty of movement.

You can find Romy's work at a lot of specialty shops in the US, including The Line's website. For No.'s Canadian fans, look no further than one of my favorite shops, Likely General.