A Minimalist Bed for Minimalist Seekers

Since we recently splurged on a new mattress (which, btw, is one of the best purchases we have ever made, it's sooooo incredibly comfortable), we really needed to bite the bullet and also get a new bed frame. Our new mattress needs to "breathe", so slats were mandatory and my 15 year old frame from EQ3 just wasn't cutting it.

We wanted something low, not too heavy, and easy to transport down the line, since we are living on the third floor of a rental. Surprisingly, choices were pretty limited. Right off the bat, I knew I didn't want to do anything upholstered, so anything upholstered was out. Don't get me wrong - upholstered beds are beautiful, and many caught my eye, but anything that adds an extra bit of cleaning responsibility to my life, needs to get cut.

I found a few options that I really liked, the first being the American Modern Bed from DWR. I love it's simple and classic lines, it's canted headboard, and the fact that it's a formaldehyde-free product crafted out of FSC-certified solid maple. But coming in at $2,885 (US), and with a six week lead time, it was a bit much.

My next find was the Modernica Case Study V Leg Bed from The Modern Shop. It has a maple veneer finish, is handcrafted in California, and since each bed is engineered and built with six legs instead of the standard four, it's incredibly sturdy. At $2,199 the price was more affordable, and simply put, this frame is definitely not at risk for going out of style.

Another option that I considered was the Piers Wooden Bed, created by Urban Green Furniture in Brooklyn, which retails for a base $1349 (and also sold by Dwell Studio). It's classic and sophisticated, made of wood and veneers, and it features a surprisingly sustainable, non toxic and eco-friendly design. It also comes in 8 different finishes, so chances are it will match whatever interior you have designed.

Clearly by now you may have realized that I have a type, and I'm OK with that. While I liked all the beds above, I still wanted to find something a tad more streamlined, lighter and simple to set up. Enter the Min Bed from DWR.

I know - it's a metal bed, totally not what I thought that I would want, but it's so elegant and minimalist and perfectly suited to small spaces with it's barely visible design. Coming in at $985 (US), it's a smart choice for apartment living and I love it's sleek lines. Plus it was a snap to set up. Minus the fact that it was the hottest day on record and our A/C has been broken for a week and a half. I know we are going to love this bed for years to come, and when we finally get our own place and want to switch to a wood frame, it will have no problem finding a new home in a guest suite or a cottage. Oh and as an added bonus, it's curved design has ensured that our shins remain bruise free, which when you really think about it, is priceless.