Evi O.

I need to do a quick post on a Sydney based multi-disciplinary designer that I have recently fallen in love with -- her name is Evi O. and I barely know anything about her. But her art, it definitely speaks to me in ways you cannot even imagine.

I am fascinated by her use of color. I love the bold, vivid hues and surreal and playful shapes that she employs in her work, making me think of my favorite food in the world, scoops upon scoops of delicious flavorful gelato. Oddly enough her paintings also remind me of snow capped boob mountains, but I don't necessarily think that's exactly what she's going for.

It looks like this talented gal recently did a solo show in Collingwood, Melbourne in collaboration with The Design Files, Australia's most popular design blog (and yes I'm a huge fan of their site too). If only she could do an exhibition in Toronto next. I'm so happy I have found her.