Beauty Bar

I don't often share moodboards on here. I don't know why I haven't posted them in the past, because I absolutely love making them and they are a fun way to quickly conceptualize an idea to a client. That doesn't mean they are quick to make, so let's make that distinction clear. They are bloody time consuming. Sometimes the idea strikes and you are able to put one of these puppies out in a few hours, but often it's a labour of love searching for the right images to create a visual that encompasses the ideas you want to deliver to your client. Not to mention tracking down the right products.

I love stylish, sophisticated but feminine spaces so here is my take on just that - a beauty bar. If only somebody would create a space like this in Toronto that would be great. Her Majesty's Pleasure is stunning, and quite forward with it's drink bar and nail bar concept on King St W, but the name just kills it for me. They could have come up with so many better options - if they had just asked me for ideas I could have NAILED it.

By the way Her Majesty's Pleasure was conceived by one of my favorite designs firms in Toronto, +tongtong. Their work is so insanely good I can't stand it. I know you know their work already (they designed The Drake & The Drake Devonshire) but feel free to check out their site for more stuff like this.

And this.