Decorative Tiles from Bonnie & Neil

I'm officially going on record to proclaim my love for tile. I always have, and I always will, whether it's on trend or not. I love how a small section of patterned tile can add a huge dose of personality to any space, the way it connects with those who surround themselves with it, and how it can bring back a happy travel memory in an instant.

Maybe it's because I lived in Greece as a kid, and have fond memories of seeing plenty of sun drenched tiles at my feet, but the warmth and character that it can bring to any environment is truly extraordinary. And as much as I love wallpaper and paint, tile really can't be beat.

While I can daydream for hours about adding a stunning tiled floor in my future kitchen, I simply must make do in our rental for the time being. But that all changed when I saw these beautiful glue adhesive decorative tiles from Bonnie & Neil.

Whaaaat? No grout you say? Yes this is real. These hand screen printed plywood tiles can be glued or pin gunned directly onto your floors, walls, and anywhere else you see fit. Now, these are decorative only, so perhaps not the wisest idea to use them as a backsplash or as a floor in your bathroom. Use common sense please. And yet you can do so much with these. Want to make your own patterned custom coffee table? Just throw a piece of glass on top and you are all set. See?

Please note that before you rush out to order these, any order requires a 4-6 week lead time and you should contact the shop directly to discuss shipping costs since they are based in Australia. Perhaps it's worth going in with some friends and splitting the fees!