Horse Watches

All of my life I've been plagued by the awful inability to wear most jewelry. I'm highly allergic to anything other than gold, silver and titanium. My biggest problem is that I'm a sucker for gold, and won't wear anything else anyways, so jewelry purchases can get rather expensive, which means for me...pretty much non existent. For years I've been wearing a gorgeous gold Breitling watch given to me by my father, but since it's not something I want to damage or lose, I can't really have it in rotation everyday. I'm still on the hunt for an affordable alternative, but not much has popped up of late. Until I found Horse watches. Now IF I could wear stainless steel (these beauties are made with rose gold, but the back of them is stainless which means I'm still allergic), this watch would pretty much be on my left arm 24/7.

Horse watches are made in Sydney, Australia, by a cute couple carrying on the traditions of three prior generations of shoe cobblers. And yes, of course, they make shoes as well. But for me, it's their watches that have me smitten. I like how minimalist this design is. It's so clean and forgoes any embellishment, because when something is this beautiful, it's not needed. Here is another one of my top picks - this one is called "The Classic".

Light grey and rose gold and only $189 - how can you go wrong? If only my pathetic and sensitive body could be allergy free...but for now I can still admire these beauties from a distance. And if I so desire I can look at them at Likely General, one of my favorite stores on Roncesvalles in Toronto, where they are stocked but go quite quickly. Call in advance to see if they have any on hand or ask to be put on the waiting list.